Organic Products

At Poplar Grove Farm we grow a diversity of organic crops ranging from red, yellow, and russet potatoes to onions, carrots, grains, oilseeds, hemp, and hay. Our organics are grown in isolation from commercial production at Poplar Grove Farm. Integrity of product is maintained from field through storage to transportation.

Organic farming at Poplar Grove Farm works together with natural systems to create and maintain a healthy environment in which to grow food crops. At Kroeker Farms we are committed to building and maintaining fertile, living soils while protecting the intricate balance of earth, water, and air.


When you choose Poplar Grove Organic potatoes, you taste nothing but simple goodness. We grow them with the intricate balance of earth, water and air in mind. The result is a healthier planet, and a healthy choice for you and your family.

Available in 3 lb bags of Yellow, Red and Russet varieties.

Ask for Poplar Grove at your local grocer.

(United States only)


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