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“Redefining Seed Potato Standards”

Kroeker Farms has two seed farms, Manitoba Elite Farm and Saskatchewan Elite Farm.

Manitoba Elite Farm is situated just north of the 49th parallel, making it perfect for early vigor in seed potatoes. With cold, hard winters our soil is naturally cleansed from unwanted disease; making our seed farm one of the best in the country. Located near Winkler, Manitoba, with expertise in chipping and table varieties .

Saskatchewan Elite Farm is one of the most isolated seed producing areas in North America, this farm focuses on producing high generation seed potatoes. With long crop rotations and every acres irrigated, the farm supplies growers with virus-free, early generation seed potatoes.

Kroeker Farms maintains the highest level of quality in seed production through:

  • An independent operation where all grading, field and storage equipment remains separated from commercial potato production
  • A modern storage facility with computerized ventilation and humidicells
  • An efficient grading and sizing equipment line which results in quicker loading times as well as variable sizing capabilities
  • A modern loading facilities that make it possible to ship in winter.
  • On-site scale allows for accurate weighing of loads
  • Rouging crews committed to the highest quality standards which ensure that fields meet or exceed their required targets
  • Intensive field scouting which in turn translates into early detection of disease and insect issues
  • Informed nutrient management decisions that are based on annual soil tests and a petiole sampling program

Good Farming Practices, standard at Kroeker Farms

  • Integrated pest management techniques, including soybean borders planted to minimize transmission of viruses
  • Cleaning and sanitation of the seed cutters, storage facility and related equipment to prevent disease transmission
  • Pesticide application at seed treatment, in-furrow and foliar stages for effective disease and insect control
  • A handling system designed to minimize any bruising

Services Provided to Our Customers

  • A broad experience in chipping, processing and table potato production is available as a resource to our seed customers’ farming operations.
  • Transportation can be coordinated throughout North America including shipments to California, Florida, Texas and Mexico. Experienced employees facilitate border crossings to make a smooth transition the standard at Kroeker Farms. Our own belted trailers and vans are available to seed customers.
  • Post-Harvest tests are completed on all lots, and are available upon request.