You don't have to dig deep to find the freshest potatoes and onions. Find out below on where you can purchase our conventional and organic crops.

Lets Talk Potatoes


We know our conventional and organic potatoes inside and out. Contact us to discuss your potato needs with a Kroeker Farms team member.

Kroeker Farms’ very own store in Winkler, Manitoba, serves up fresh, local produce all year long. We proudly support our neighbouring small farms, providing our customers with produce that carries high standards of Manitoba grown quality and freshness.

The Potato Store
776 Circle K Drive
Winkler, MB R6W 0K7

The Potato Store

email thepotatostore@kroekers.com
phone 1.204.331.3150


Fresh Option Organic Delivery

Quality Kroeker Farms organic produce available in the Winnipeg area.


Peak of the Market

A grower-owned “not for profit” vegetable supplier. Peak of the Market operates in Manitoba and distributes the full range of Kroeker Farms products.


EarthFresh is a Canadian market leader with the largest stock of exclusive potato varieties in North America. Specializing in supplying the food service and retail industries with premium potatoes and onions, Earth Fresh is partnering with Kroeker Farms to deliver on our united vision of feeding more using less by focusing on protecting and preserving our natural resources.

Naleway Foods

Naleway Foods is the largest processor of perogies in Canada. They also produce a wide range of private label and branded products in the frozen food sector.


HZPC Americas Corp.

SPGAM – Seed Potato Growers Association of Manitoba

SSPGA – Saskatchewan Seed Potato Growers Association

OPAM – Organic Producers Association of Manitoba

ICS – International Certification Services

KVPA – Keystone Vegetable Producers Association

WPC – Western Potato Council

CHC – Canadian Horticultural Council

Lethbridge Research Centre

Western Grocers

Peak of the Market

Earth Fresh

Thomas Fresh