Kroeker Farms strives towards continuous improvement in all aspects of our work:

  • On-farm research is a priority – every year we conduct field trials across the farm testing new varieties, new production methods, and new products.
  • The use of Real Time Kinetics (RTK) technology on our machinery allows us to farm “to the inch,” minimizing the use of fuel and time, and helping use our fields more efficiently. It also monitors elevations, allowing us to plan drainage on our fields before problems arise.
  • By investing in new and innovative equipment, Kroekers is able to plant, grow, and harvest better quality potatoes. For example, our new “straight-thru” harvester has allowed us to dig our potatoes more gently with reduced bruising.
  • The commercial potato and onion programs are continually learning from the sustainable practices developed on the Poplar Grove Farm, including biological pest control, improved crop rotations, and the use of manure and compost soil amendments.
  • A dedicated quality control staff person monitors our stored potatoes, identifying issues as they arise and monitoring the efficacy of our mitigation strategies.
  • The wash plant is equipped with optical technology that allows us to identify internal defects such as hollow-heart before the potatoes are bagged and shipped.
  • Our Quality Lab allows us to carry out analytical and diagnostic testing, including fry color and quality, YSI monitoring of sugar levels, after-cooking darkness, specific gravity, bruise testing, and pre-harvest sample analysis.
  • Kroeker Farms relies on its fabrication shop to manufacture new equipment and modify existing equipment in ways that improve our ability to produce top-quality crops. Most of the equipment used on the farm has been improved upon by the engineers in the fabrication shop.