Kroeker Farms is headquartered in Southern Manitoba, in the fertile plains of the Red River Valley. Our forte is growing potatoes, producing some of the highest quality of both organic and conventional potatoes in North America.

Having discovered that our rich, black sandy loam soil produces some of the best, most beautiful smooth-skin potatoes in North America has motivated us to expand into all facets of potato production. This has inspired us to grow into all areas of potato production including creamers, brilliant skinned and coloured red, yellow and white potatoes. The soil is also the perfect combination of producing great quality while its fertility is very well suited for organic production.

At Kroeker Farms we are practicing the future of farming now. By applying what we learn in organics to conventional farming and continually refining the best practices of both, we are growing more using less. We call it farming for the next generation and we are leading the way.