Also called C-size potatoes, these small potatoes are an important, specialty category of the fresh market. Creamers can be found on the menus of fine restaurants as “baby potatoes” and as a gourmet side-dish easily prepared at home. Their delicate size and shape appeals to the eye, while providing a superb taste and texture experience.

All of our creamers are produced on our irrigated black sandy loam soils. Specially developed planting and harvesting techniques, along with the optimum soil and growing conditions combine to produce the premium quality produce required by our customers. Our precision sizing system at the Kimberly Wash Plant also allows us to cater to any size profile required by our customers.

Fresh market potatoes are washed, graded, and packaged for sale to retailers. Our grading facilities allow us to service our customers’ needs with sizing done to order. The wash plant is designed for gentle handling from washing, through grading, and into packaging so that even bulk loads are virtually bruise-free. Our facilities are accredited by two on-farm food safety programs, namely, SYSCO and CHC / Peak of the Market. Accreditation includes routine audits and inspections, for which we have received high marks for making food safety a priority.


All loading facilities are in-door which allows for year-round shipping. Currently, more than 2000 loads are scheduled annually. Kroeker Farms has a fleet of trucks to haul within a 300 mile radius of Winkler and has access to for-hire refrigerated equipment for loads anywhere in North America. The Intermodal system with CP/CN Rail is another effective transportation option for our customers’ shipping needs. Winkler is conveniently located within 80 miles of Winnipeg and our experienced staff routinely makes border crossing seamless and efficient.

Farm Lab

Our customers benefit from quality assurance testing done at the lab at Kroeker Farms. The analytical and diagnostic testing, including fry color and quality, YSI monitoring of sugar levels, after-cooking darkness, specific gravity, bruise testing and pre-harvest sample analysis, provides a great decision making tool for the farm.