Kroeker Farms produces some of the finest-grown Red, Yellow, and Russet potatoes for the table market. They are then washed, graded and packaged at our state of the art Kimberly Wash Plant before reaching retailers. Along with conventional potatoes, Kroeker Farms also offers a variety of organically certified produce.


At Kroeker Farms we produce top quality reds with a bright, fresh colour. We start with early market potatoes and continue into a storage season that allows us to supply reds with outstanding flavour and colour 12 months of the year.


We are long-term growers of premium quality yellow flesh potatoes. We are always working hard to give our customers the best selection of bright skinned yellow potatoes.


Goldrush is a great choice for your baking potato needs with its attractive appearance, good storability and uniform tuber size and shape.


One of the newest potatoes on the scene is the variety Adora which is licensed by HZPC, a seed company based in the Netherlands. The smooth, buff to white skin, gives it an epicurean appearance, while the creamy, light yellow flesh has great texture that is excellent for baking, boiling and frying. Adora also provides an alternative for potato lovers on a diet, since they contain 30% fewer carbohydrates than a standard Russet baking potato.